> Does john cena is the force?

I know I haven’t said much about Sophie lately, and frankly that’s because there’s nothing to say.

We’ve barely spoken since she left and I’ve moved on. I know it seems quick but my heart is an efficient little fucker, I move on from people just as quick as I fell for them.

I know it may seem like the easy way out after I was ready to tell her how I felt but honestly I’m happy so I don’t really care that I never told her. Plus I don’t think it would have ever worked out properly anyway.

So the love life tag will be empty for a while as there is no one in my affections at this moment in time. (Other than Alannah ofc, but that’s complicated but working out fine so it doesn’t matter)

So yeah, I’m doing good, at least you guys can have a break from all my soppy ass posts for a while haha