> Does john cena is the force?
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thebritishvoice was down on her knees, hands tied behind her back whimpering. Adam walked over and lifted her chin with the riding crop. "Have you got something to say for yourself?" he asked with a smirk on his face. He removed the gag from her mouth and gave her a quick whip on the back with the crop. "Come on then, speak up woman" he said sternly. With her last ounce of strength, she mumbled...

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3: favourite member of the NXT roster? least favourite member of the NXT roster?
Well, fave NXT diva should be obvious, if any of my followers don’t know then what are you even doing here lol. Although I love them all tbf so I don’t have a least favourite diva.
Favourite superstar has gotta be either our glorious English tag team or Conor O’Brian

14: favourite current story line? favourite past story line?
I’m loving how they are using the urn and the passing of Paul Bearer to bring the feud of Undertaker vs CM Punk alive. I know its sad that Paul died but if he hadn’t I doubt this feud would be half as exciting as it is.
Favourite past storyline… in recent memory, either Shawn Michaels quest to face Taker a second time at WM by trying to win the Rumble but when that failed, cost him the title at Elimination Chamber, all while DX was falling apart because of it.

15: favourite finishing move?
 I like finishers that require no build up, they just get hit out of nowhere. NOT THE RKO. I DETEST THE RKO. But moves like Codebreaker, Beautiful Disaster Kick etc. But my favourite finisher of all time is the Lionsault (I know not technically a finisher now but idc)

16: favourite title belt?
The former Intercontinental championship. If I ever had enough money to get a replica belt it would be that one.