> Does john cena is the force?

Almost forgot

I’ve been ill so I couldn’t go into work today and so I was texting Sophie as she worked lol

Later on I said I’ll see you next week then but she text back saying that she won’t be in next tuesday as she starts her new job then

So I missed out on my last afternoon with her

And here’s the kicker

Before I got ill I was more than ready, hell I was hyped, to tell her how I felt about her today

So now I can’t

I know there’s a chance I’ll see her outside of work but it’s a different environment, at work we work alone and are super comfy together

Outside of work is gonna be like either people around or not a long enough time together to find the right time and ugh idek if I’m gonna be able to tell her

I want to

I can do

I’ve got no problem with doing so

It’s just I’m worried I’m not gonna be able to get the chance to