> Does john cena is the force?
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Aww yeeeeeaaaahhhh

Aww yeeeeeaaaahhhh

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There are a million reasons to respect and admire Enter Shikari, and this is one of them. I’ve always hated VIP packages. They didnt exist in this scene when I used to go to shows. So glad Rou isnt afraid to be vocal about it.


Yessss roughton

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Glasgow wrestling superstar falling on his feet after WWE spell

He was billed as ‘The Chosen One’ by Vince McMahon and heralded as a future world champion.

Drew Galloway, who competed for the WWE as Drew McIntyre, left the major American wrestling promotion after seven years earlier this year.

Far from focussing on the negatives, Drew welcomed his release. Now he wants to take Scottish wrestling to the next level, a decade after he helped build the local wrestling scene.

“When I was starting out I’d save Christmas money and travel 14 hours to Portsmouth for three day wrestling camps,” Drew said.

“I was 15/16 in skin-tight blue leather pants. What do you think my friends said?

“I was always tall but had a really long, skinny frame. [Fellow WWE wrestler] Wade Barrett used to love showing everyone in the locker room videos of me at 16 looking anorexic.

“I’ve watched the Scottish scene go from humble beginnings, with BCW having maybe 100 guys on a great night to selling-out the Barrowlands every event.”

With the local scene in 2014 thriving thanks to Insane Championship Wrestling personalities like Grado and Jack Jester, Drew has his heart set on getting wrestling back onto your TV screens.

Scottish faces (and heels) from the WWE’s past and present

via STV  via STV
He said: “I’ve always loved wrestling, I’d never think about quitting.

“I first remember watching with my cousins who were older than me. My Dad got me a tape of the old British wrestling and I was going ‘who are these guys?’ because I’d only watched WWF.

“It was cancelled in 1988, even though it was drawing big numbers. I’m aiming to get it on Scottish TV screens because I know it would do the same now.

“I was obsessed. I knew then I was either going to play for Rangers or be in the WWF (later WWE).”

Unlike many in the public eye, Drew is absolutely unashamed of his other great love.

“Half my family are Rangers, half are Celtic. As a baby they lay out two tops and see which one you crawl to,” Drew said.

“When I was six, my parents gave me and my brother Celtic tops as a joke Christmas gift. I started crying.”

He continued: “Ally McCoist sent me a signed top.

“I used to fight people to be him in the playground, he was my favourite player.

“Sheamus and I met Noel Gallagher and his kids after a show. His missus is a big Rangers fan but he’s more of a Celtic man.

“So I ran back to the locker room and grabbed my Rangers top for the picture.”


via pbs.twimg.com via pbs.twimg.com
Drew hasn’t made it to Ibrox in many years, having signed for WWE at just 22 years old.

He’s now 29, and in those seven years, he didn’t take a single full week off, such is the schedule of a WWE wrestler.

“When I first went over, I didn’t have this American twang and they put me on elocution lessons for months for teach me English,” he said.

“People were telling me my English was really good for a second language.

Upon arrival in the WWE, Drew was mentored by the legendary Undertaker and UK greats like Dave Finlay and William Regal.

Despite his age, WWE chairman Vince McMahon quickly branded him as ‘The Chosen One’.

“That has never happened before and will never happen again, Vince endorsing someone like that,” the current EVOLVE champion said.

Drew would go on to claim the tag team title, intercontinental championship and become the most successful Scottish WWE wrestler of all time, but never the ‘big gold’.

“I could never be unhappy in the WWE,” Drew said. “No matter what they give you. As a kid, I’d have been happy to be Dumpster Droese.

“But I have big goals. After Vince said what he did, I was always planning on being the best in the world. I’m not happy if I’m not being creatively fulfilled and contributing what I know I could.

“It was a good time to separate; I can try out new avenues like TV and film, someone said I should try out for Games of Thrones because I look like those guys.

“My character at the moment is me. It’s like the ‘Chosen One’, but that’s still a bit too much like the Scottish Terminator for me.

“If it works or not, it will be on my own merit.”

Drew returned to Scotland to a crazy reaction from the ICW crowd at The Garage.


Galloway said: “It was insane. I hadn’t even told my family. My brother found me sleeping in bed and went ‘what are you doing here?’

“I wasn’t worried but I was nervous. Ford, Greg and Boaby the barman from Still Game had been on and excited the crowd before me.

“I was thinking ‘are they going to care?’

“My mind melted at the reaction. Some of the guys got a few stiff kicks and punches that night.”

Legendary wrestling names like Kevin Nash and Mick Foley have come to Scotland and not sold arenas like Drew has for ICW’s 1.21 Gigawatts event at The Garage this Sunday.

via STV  via STV
But the 6ft 5 Glasgow Caledonian University criminology graduate is under no illusions that wrestling has become completely mainstream.

Drew continued: “There are always going to be people who give it a bad rap. I’d challenge anyone in entertainment to be given their lines at the last second, do their own stunts and only have one take to get it right.

“With the over-18 theme, ICW are causing a stir. They’ve got interesting characters and storylines and an insane crowd. It’s like a variety show.

“To anyone who’s sceptical, just come along and experience it for yourself.”

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Replace the vowels in your URL with “oodle”


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Check out this update the WWE app just sent to my phone. #Raw


Check out this update the WWE app just sent to my phone. #Raw

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  1. Disney didn’t kill the EU.
  2. The EU hasn’t died unless you and everyone else let it die.
  3. Lucasfilm made the decision to create new stories.

Get to know these facts.

I spent a good minute staring at this trying to work out how Disney could possibly kill the European Union.

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Send me a Pokemon!

Bulbasaur: What is the first Pokemon game you ever owned?

Charmander: Who was your first Pokemon?

Squirtle: Which Pokemon do you think is the coolest?

Caterpie: What is the first Pokemon you ever caught?

Butterfree: What moment in the anime do you consider the saddest?

Pikachu: Who is your favourite Pokemon?

Raichu: Who is better, Pikachu, Pichu, or Raichu?

Ninetales: Which Pokemon do you think is the most beautiful?

Zubat: Which Pokemon do you find the most annoying?

Meowth: Which evil organization is your favourite?

Slowpoke: Which Pokemon do you think is the dumbest?

Eevee: What Eeveelution is your favourite?

Vaporeon: Who is your favourite first generation Pokemon?

Jolteon: Who is your favourite second generation Pokemon?

Flareon: Who is your favourite third generation Pokemon?

Espeon: Who is your favourite fourth generation Pokemon?

Umbreon: Who is your favourite fifth generation Pokemon?

Leafeon: What Eeveelution is your least favourite?

Glaceon: What Eeveelution type would you like to see in the future?

Mewtwo: Who is your most powerful Pokemon?

Mew: Who is your favourite legendary Pokemon?

Chikorita: Which is your favourite region?

Cyndaquil: Which is your least favourite region?

Totodile: Who is your favourite starter Pokemon?

Noctowl: What was your first shiny Pokemon?

Togetic: What Pokemon makes you the most happy?

Mareep: What is your favourite base form Pokemon?

Flaaffy: What is your favourite first evolution?

Ampharos: What is your favourite second evolution?

Wooper: What do you like more, battles or contests?

Smeargle: Have you ever drawn any Pokemon fanart?

Raikou: Who is your favourite character in the anime?

Entei: What is your dream team?

Suicune: Who is your least favourite character in the anime?

Celebi: If you could change anything in the anime, what would it be?

Treecko: Which female accomplice of Ash's do you like the least?

Torchic: Which female accomplice of Ash's do you like the most?

Mudkip: Which male accomplice of Ash's do you like the most?

Gardevoir: What Pokemon gives you the most feelings?

Azurill: What is your favourite baby Pokemon?

Delcatty: Do you prefer contests or musicals?

Plusle: What Pokemon do you find cutest?

Minun: Which electric rodent is your favourite?

Kecleon: Which shiny Pokemon is your favourite?

Luvdisc: Do you ship anything?

Latias: What Pokemon do you wish you could have in real life?

Latios: What Pokemon do you use in any of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games?

Kyogre: Who is your favourite Pokemon of each type?

Groudon: Who is your least favourite Pokemon of each type?

Rayquaza: What is your favourite weather condition?

Turtwig: Which Pokemon game is your favourite?

Chimchar: Which Pokemon game is your least favourite?

Piplup: Is there any games that you hope they will create a sequel to, or remake?

Pachirisu: What is your favourite thing about Pokemon?

Honchkrow: Is there any extra evolutions or baby Pokemon that have been added that you have found unnecessary?

Lucario: What Pokemon movie is your favourite?

Uxie: What is something you wish would be added to the games?

Mesprit: What is something you miss that used to be in the games?

Azelf: What side-game is your favourite?

Giratina: What makes you the most angry in Pokemon?

Darkrai: Have you ever dreamed of Pokemon? What was it about?

Shaymin: What is your happiest Pokemon memory?

Arceus: What Poke-religion do you consider yourself part of (eg. Mewist, Arceusian, Bellsprout monk, etc)?

Victini: What battle will you never forget, either in game or in the anime (or both)?

Snivy: Which are your top ten Pokemon?

Tepig: Which are your bottom ten Pokemon?

Oshawott: What Pokemon do you consider to be the least attractive?

Whimsicott: Do you own any Pokemon plushies? If so, which ones?

Zoroark: Would you be a Pokemon trainer, breeder, coordinator, etc? What would you look like?

Chandelure: What Pokemon do you find the creepiest?

Stunfisk: What Pokemon is your least favourite?

Mienshao: How do you approach Pokemon battles? Offensive? Defensive? Status conditions?

Volcarona: Which champion is your favourite?

Meloetta: What is your favourite Pokemon song from the anime/movies?

Genesect: Is there any Pokemon you would want to eliminate from the Pokedex, or anything you would want to change in the Pokedex?

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Aksana ; NXT Season 3

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replaying the same level in a video game for the hundredth time


this is extremely accurate